What kind of damage do squirrels cause in an attic

One of the most annoying characteristics of Texas squirrels is that they can chew and nibble on just about anything with their strong front teeth. Through this chewing, the squirrels cause a lot of damage wherever they go. Some of the damages that come about as a result of an infestation of squirrels include:

chewed up wood
Austin squirrels will chew into anything wooden; this includes shingles, beams, eaves, walls, furniture and even wooden flooring. Their efficiency when it comes to gnawing at items will surprise you if you consider just how small they are as animals.

exposed wiring
Squirrels also gnaw and chew through wires. If you find that some wires in the house have been exposed then you probably have one of these animals up in your house chewing into things. Needless to say that these exposed wires can be a danger to people and pets because they can cause electrocution.

ceiling stains
Austin squirrel urine and droppings will not only smell awful but will also cause staining to your ceiling. These stains are anything but pleasing aesthetically and if anything, they can be quite the eyesore. The only sure way to get rid of the stains is to replace the ceiling boards. This urine may also cause the ceiling to break apart and start leaking into the room beneath.

holes in the lawn and garden
While they love to spend their time in hiding, these squirrels may also make holes in the lawn and garden while scavenging for food. This results in unsightly holes in your otherwise well-manicured lawn or worse still, damaged sprinklers that no longer work like they should.

roofing damages
Squirrels will sometimes make holes in the roof to let themselves into your home. This opens up your home to even more problems because of the leaks that can happen through these holes when it rains. Such leaks can compound your problems even more when they reach other places and cause further damages.

Squirrels like most animals leave a trail of destruction as they go about their chewing business. You will probably find tiny pieces of wood left over from their chewing activities as well as their droppings all over the places where they nest. Their scavenging ways will also cause them to leave behind dirt as they search for something to eat. While these are some of the most common damages that squirrels can cause around the house, there is a lot more damage that can come up indirectly as a result of the above listed damages. Some of these damages include potential fires, health hazards posed by the dead squirrels and worse, the removal of dead squirrel carcasses from inside walls that will require you to take down the wall. These animals will cause such a headache once they find their way into your house and for that reason, you may just need to completely get rid of them and prevent them from coming in in the first place.

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