How to keep opossums out of my garden

Texas opossums that are living in the urban areas can be a nuisance. They can give you a headache if they discovered that your garden is a haven for insects, fruits, and vegetables. They will not only trample on your newly-planted herbs and shrubs, they will also try to tip your garbage cans in search of food.

What are the preferred habitats of Austin opossums?
Opossums generally make their habitats in the woods, tree crevices, decks abandoned dens and burrows. Typically, you can find them near a pond, on open canals or in wooded areas because they are wild animals.

If an Austin opossum is hungry and it finds plenty to eat inside your garden, then expect it to be your regular visitor every night. They are omnivores and they mostly feed on small snakes, snails, and other pests in your garden. They might also prefer rotting fruits and vegetables in your garden over the fresh ones. They might be beneficial but you should still prefer an undisturbed garden with no wild animals moving about.

Here are some of the tips that can make opossums go away:
Fencing – Install electric fences if you can. The fences will not just be used to keep opossums away but other wild animals as well. However, these fences can backfire if you have pet cats or dogs. You can also opt for wooden fences and dig wooden foundations. Even though there is a small chance that the opossums will dig the base of your fence, there are still wild animals like raccoons that can do the digging for them. The foundation should be at least 5 inches deep so that it won’t be easily accessible to these animals.

You can use motion-activated sensors to keep away opossums. Some say that motion activated sensors are useless against wild animals. However, you can still give them a try. These sensors can be motion-activated water sprinklers or lights that automatically turn on when an animal gets near it. They might be scare with these sensors and will avoid your house.

Spray repellents to keep opossums away. You can mix liquid soap, a quart of water, molasses or hot sauces, mustards, and chopped hot peppers to spray the plants on your garden. The taste of the plants will not only drive opossums away but also squirrels and raccoons. You can also put moth balls on corners. However, this is not advisable if you have pets because mothballs are poisonous.

Nothing Works?
You have the option to call a professional. A professional pet removal company can make any pest go away. They will also give you a lot of tips on how to keep out the wild animals that might keep coming back for food on your gardens.

You deserve to eat the fruits of the trees that you planted. If you are also selling vegetables, then your customers will appreciate it more if they are unscathed. Nothing good will come when it comes to attracting wild animals in your garden.

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